Takes you back to the early 2000s Rap where the rhymes were funny, offensive and unnecessarily vulgar.

Heavily influenced by and featuring Eminem (was produced by him after all) - a good album for fans of Eminem and some of his features on this album are some of my favourite songs of his. 

My personal favourite is "We all die one day" with multiple features and everyone is on top form - even 50 Cent sounds great and I normally don't like him much.

Certainly not a grimy album, and will be too commercial for some - but if you like Eminem and albums like the Slim Shady LP and Eminem Show - you'll love this one. 

With outro lyrics like:

"You gotta have teeth baby

It just wouldn't look right

Look, me big lips ..
You no teeth, it wouldn't work
You know what I'm sayin"

It's hardly taking itself too seriously :)

Track listing:

  1. Average Man
  2. Cheers
  3. Got Some Teeth
  4. Lady
  5. Don't Come Down
  6. The Setup
  7. Bad Bitch
  8. Shit Hits the Fan
  9. Follow My Life
  10. We All Die One Day
  11. Spread Yo Shit
  12. Look in My Eyes (feat. Nate Dogg)
  13. Hands On You
  14. Hoodrats
  15. Oh!
  16. Never Forget Ya
  17. Outro


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